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Jennerjahn Machine specializes in delivering slitter rewinders and Automated Packaging equipment. Our products are designed to enhance and optimize converting applications, supporting customers in improving operational efficiency. We aim to streamline your converting and packaging processes by integrating advanced machinery into your workflow.

Our product line results from meticulous craftsmanship by our skilled team of engineers. We offer diverse solutions, encompassing everything from manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic Surface Slitter Rewinders to Automated Packaging systems engineered for speed and accuracy, ensuring swift and precise packaging across various products.

At Jennerjahn, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the highest quality in our products. Our machines are built to meet rigorous demands, ensuring reliability and excellence in performance. Our reputation is anchored in our ability to deliver dependable results and outstanding service. Trust in Jennerjahn for solutions that excel in slitter rewinding and packaging, emphasizing the former.

Our full range of products is composed of the following:

Cored Surface Slitter Rewinders

Our Cored Surface Slitter Rewinders are engineered for precision winding across diverse diameters, catering to challenging web materials. These machines are designed to adapt to varying material properties, ensuring high-quality winding outcomes.

Key features include an advanced web-guiding system that facilitates seamless handling of various materials. These slitter rewinders efficiently process materials such as paper, non-woven fabrics, plastics, foils, laminates, and delicate films. The result is consistent, high-quality rolls for many different materials.

Choose from the following high-performance machines:

Coreless Surface Slitter Rewinders

Jennerjahn Machine’s Coreless Surface Slitter Rewinders are at the forefront of innovation, featuring our patented coreless rewind technology. This technology ensures unparalleled security and stability during the winding process. Integrating an automated, high-quality solid shaft handler streamlines the transfer of rolls between stripping and winding stations, effectively addressing core-related challenges.

Key features of our Coreless Surface Slitter Rewinders:

  • Advanced Solid Shafts: Precision-engineered for robust performance.
  • Automatic Shaft Handling: Streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.
  • Automated Cycles: Ensures consistent, high-quality output.
  • Tightly Wound Rolls: Guarantees product integrity during transit.

Jennerjahn’s Coreless Surface Slitter Rewinders represent a technological leap, delivering efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Embrace innovation to transform your operational capabilities.

Choose from the following high-performance machines:

Center Slitter Rewinders

Our Center Slitter Rewinders are meticulously designed for cutting surface-sensitive materials from master or parent rolls into narrower widths, facilitating further processing steps. A key feature of these machines is their ability to prevent surface scratching during the rewinding process, preserving the integrity of delicate materials.

These machines are particularly advantageous for applications that require minimal wound-in tension. They execute the slitting and rewinding process with remarkable speed and precision, meeting diverse production needs.

Jennerjahn offers two models of high-performance Center Slitter Rewinders:

  • JTS-2: 2 Shaft Turret Slitter – Ideal for standard operations, providing efficient and reliable performance.
  • JTS-4: 4 Shaft Turret Slitter – Distinguished by its four-shaft mechanism, this model significantly enhances cycle times. This feature makes it exceptionally suited for high-volume production, maximizing output and efficiency.

Automated Packaging

Jennerjahn Machine offers sophisticated Automated Packaging solutions, each designed with key features to optimize your operational efficiency. Our systems are engineered to transform and enhance manual processes, boosting overall productivity. The range encompasses a variety of functions, including labeling, bagging, and wrapping, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

Advantages of Automated Packaging:

  • Labor Cost Reduction: Minimizes the need for manual labor.
  • Error Reduction: Decreases the likelihood of human errors.
  • Downtime Elimination: Ensures continuous, efficient operation.
  • Increased Profitability: Lowers production costs, enhancing profitability.
  • Reduced Injury Risks: Enhances workplace safety.
  • Improved Staff Morale: Reduces turnover risks by alleviating workload.

We aim to simplify your packaging processes, making them as efficient as possible for maximum productivity and profitability. Jennerjahn’s solutions incorporate cutting-edge technology like robotics and thermal imaging to revolutionize packaging operations.

Choose from the following Automated Packaging machines:

Non-Woven Fabric Slitting Machines

Our non-woven fabric slitting machines represent the pinnacle of precision slitting technology. Designed to handle a wide array of non-woven materials, these machines ensure a high-quality finish with unparalleled accuracy. They are engineered to tackle even the most intricate slitting and rewinding challenges in the non-woven fabric slitting industry.

These state-of-the-art machines can adeptly convert various types of non-woven fabrics and geotextiles, addressing a range of applications:

  • Silt fences
  • Sediment bags
  • Furniture and bedding fabrics installed under couches
  • Transition mats
  • Erosion control blankets

Our advanced slitting machine is versatile enough to process almost any non-woven material, catering to the diverse needs of the industry.

Choose from our line of non-woven fabric slitting machines:

  • JLS 73 & 84: Large Slitter for 73″ and 84″ Products
  • JLS 120: Large Slitter for 120″ Products
  • JLS 135 & 150: Large Slitter for 135″ and 150″ Products
  • JJM: Manual Surface Rewinder

Why Choose Jennerjahn?

At Jennerjahn Machine, we bring an extensive history of innovation in the converting and automatic packaging machinery sector. Our decades of experience complement our steadfast commitment to integrating the latest technological advancements into our machinery. This approach ensures that each product meets and exceeds industry standards, delivering peak performance in diverse manufacturing and industrial environments.

Our portfolio includes various machinery options, from manual to semi-automated and fully automated systems. Each machine is a product of rigorous engineering and technical expertise tailored to meet the high demands of modern industry. We subject our products to stringent testing protocols, affirming their quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Recognizing the varied and often complex needs of converting and packaging applications, we offer tailored solutions. Our capability extends to custom-engineered machinery that addresses unique requirements across various converting, packaging, and industrial applications.

Trust Us to Fulfill Your Automated Packaging & Converting Needs

At Jennerjahn Machine, we are dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency and boosting your bottom line. Our diverse array of high-performance machines is cost-effective and also designed for reliability, making your production processes smoother and more efficient.

Do you have specific questions or unique requirements? Our team is ready to assist. Contact us to explore how our products and services can align with your needs. For custom projects, request a quote and let our experts craft a solution meticulously tailored to your specifications. Take the first step towards transforming your converting and automated packaging processes—partner with Jennerjahn Machine for unparalleled expertise and customized solutions.


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