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Paper Slitters

Paper slitters convert paper materials into thermal receipt rolls, point of sale (POS) rolls, cash register rolls, and other rolled paper products. Manufacturers that make rolled products need effective slitters for specific materials. At Jennerjahn, we manufacture state-of-the-art paper slitters to meet your exact specifications and production demands.

Learn more about our paper slitter rewinder machines here.

What Are Paper Slitters?

Also known as a slitter rewinder, paper slitters are machines that convert paper, film, and foil materials into rolls. Paper slitters can go by different names depending on the type of rolled product they intend to make, such as:

  • ATM receipt paper rollsPaper Slitter
  • Lottery paper rolls
  • Credit card receipt paper rolls
  • Thermal receipt paper rolls
  • Thermal printer paper rolls
  • Cash register rolls
  • POS paper rolls

All these products are easily converted using a Jennerjahn DJJF, JJF, or JJS model slitter rewinder.

How Does a Paper Slitter Work?

A slitting machine’s primary role is to slit or convert large rolls of paper, foil, and film materials into narrower rolls. It consists of three major parts:

  1. The unwindPaper Slitter
  2. The slitter
  3. The rewind

Once you feed a large roll of material into the unwind, the machine unwinds the material and slits it into the desired widths. The machine then rewinds this material around cores of various diameters.

Paper Slitter Applications

the slitter team

An everyday example of a paper slitter in action is using an ATM machine. The ATM machine receipts were initially part of a master roll. However, after multiple slitting processes, the receipts were divided into several smaller rolls. These small rolls are what supply receipts for every ATM transaction.

Slitter Rewinders From Jennerjahn Machine

slitter end products

Our website features these machine models within the Small Roll Slitter Rewinder category. Below is more information about our three main machines that convert credit card receipt paper rolls, ATM receipt paper rolls, cash register rolls, lottery paper rolls, POS rolls, and thermal receipt paper rolls.

  • JJS Jennerjahn Semi-Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder: This paper slitter rewinder machine is the perfect semi-automatic slitter rewinder for POS, ATM, lottery, and cash register rolls in one or multiple ply.
  • JJF Jennerjahn Fully-Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder: This is the JJS slitter rewinder’s 100% automatic version, and it is perfect for automating production of smaller widths and diameters (up to 10 in).
  • DJJF Dual Jennerjahn Fully Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder: You can double your output with this automatic paper slitter rewinder machine. It features a combined 108-in web width, making it the broadest and most productive small roll paper slitter on the market.

Automatic Slitting Machine PriceWe manufacture high-quality paper slitters that can convert traditional thermal paper, single-ply bond, and carbonless multi-ply paper rolls for POS printers and other settings.

Jennerjahn Machine Slitters

For state-of-the-art paper slitters, look no further than Jennerjahn Machine. Our surface wind slitters have a rear and front bedroller, top rider roller, and nip roller. Cores cradled between the rear and front bedrollers and surface help wind rolls to the right diameter or roll length.

The nip roller temporarily holds the web during roll changeovers. During the winding cycle, the top rider roller makes contact on top of the cores. The torque or pressure applied will determine how soft or hard the final wound roll will be.

Slitter Machines On SaleFeel free to browse our website for more options. You will find valuable information through our slitting machine videos, layout drawings, videos, photos, and descriptions to shed more light on your concerns and questions. You can also arrange an in-person consultation for a detailed explanation of how we can help overcome your paper converting issues.

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