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Paper Slitters

If you are looking for a paper slitter or paper rewinder that primarily converts POS paper rolls, cash register rolls, thermal receipt paper rolls, thermal printer Paper Slitterpaper rolls, credit card receipt paper rolls, lottery paper rolls and ATM receipt paper rolls, Jennerjahn Machine has the solution. Jennerjahn Machine offers 3 machine models with various levels of automation to meet your company’s specific needs.

Our machines may also be referred to as a POS paper slitter rewindercash register roll slitter rewinder, thermal receipt paper roll slitter rewinder, thermal printer paper roll slitter rewinder, credit card receipt paper roll slitter rewinder, lottery paper rolls or an ATM receipt paper roll slitter rewinder. All of these types of products can easily be converted on a Jennerjahn JJS, JJF or DJJF model slitter rewinder.

These machine models are featured on our website within the Small Roll Slitter Rewinder category. Details of our main 3 machine models for POS rolls, cash register rolls, thermal receipt paper rolls, credit card receipt paper rolls, lottery paper rolls and ATM receipt paper rolls are listed below.

JJS Jennerjahn Semi-Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder
The model JJS paper slitter rewinder is the ideal semi-automatic slitter rewinder for cash register rolls, POS rolls, ATM and lottery rolls, and similar paper products in single or multiple ply.
JJF Jennerjahn Fully-Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder
The model JJF rewinder is a fully automatic version of the JJS slitter rewinder. It is also ideal for fully-automatic production of narrow width, small diameter (up to 10″) rolls.
DJJF Dual Jennerjahn Fully Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder
Double your production with Jennerjahn Machine’s DJJF, Dual Jennerjahn Fully Automatic Slitter Rewinder. With a combined web width of 108 inches (2743mm), the DJJF is the widest and most productive small roll slitter rewinder available in the world today.

All of our paper slitters can convert conventional single-ply bond and thermal paper and carbonless multi-ply paper rolls for point-of-sale printers and other Paper Slitterapplications. (white and canary)

What Is a Slitter?

And what are the end-products?

the slitter teamLet’s face it; if you’re not familiar with the converting industry, chances are you don’t know what a slitter is. Often times when I tell someone that I work for Jennerjahn Machine and tell them that we manufacture high speed fully automatic slitter / rewinders for the paper converting industry, their next question is, “What is a slitter?”

slitter end productsSo, I usually begin by listing a few examples of end-user products that they are familiar with such as cash register rolls, credit card and ATM receipts.

Next, I’ll explain how those small rolls of paper in cash registers and ATM machines start out on one big 54 inch wide master roll and are slit down and wound up into several smaller rolls. A slitter / rewinder machine is what is used to make these rolls and that is what we build at Jennerjahn Machine.

There are also different types of slitter / rewinders depending on the material being converted. These include; surface wind slitter, center wind slitter, and duplex wind slitter.

Automatic Slitting Machine Price

Automatic Slitting Machine PriceJennerjahn clients span the globe and when they find us, it is often early in their search.  Sometimes they they are searching for automatic slitting machine price.  Commonly they are using a manual process and are interested in replacing it for the first time.  Other times they have an automated process that they are wishing to replace or improve upon and haven’t purchased a slitter in years.  Jennerjahn has been in the industry for decades and has the experience needed to find a budget and machines that will drastically improve their current processes.

If you are interested in replacing a manual process, you may be interested in checking out this video that shows what a difference automating your machinery can make.

Manual Labor vs JCP from Jennerjahn Machine Inc. on Vimeo.

Depending on what options your company needs, the price of an automatic slitting machine will vary.

Jennerjahn Machine Slitters

Slitter Machines On SaleJennerjahn Machine’s surface wind slitters feature a front and rear bedroller, nip roller and a top rider roller. Cores are cradled between the front and rear bedrollers and surface wound to the desired roll length or diameter. The nip roller is used momentarily to hold the web in place during roll changeovers. The top rider roller rests on the top side of the cores during the winding cycle. Depending on how much down pressure and/or torque that is applied to the roll determines on how hard or soft the roll will be wound.

We invite you browse our website. Our site is filled with additional slitting machine descriptions, photos, layout drawings and videos to help answer your questions in more detail. As always, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss your paper converting challenges in more detail and provide you a custom quote for an automatic slitting machine.