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Guide to Robotic Packaging and Palletizing

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Guide to Robotic Packaging and Palletizing” Products

Robotic packaging is a way to automate a packaging production line to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. The process uses software to move packing robots in a way that mimics human movement. By incorporating robotics, tasks like picking and placing items, handling products, packing cases, and palletizing become significantly more efficient. 

Jennerjahn Machine offers a selection of state-of-the-art robotic palletizing packaging machines that provide a high return on investment and process goods efficiently while improving workplace safety.  

How Robots Are Used in Packaging

Robots add value to production lines in numerous ways. There are a large number of tasks they are able to perform, including: 

  • Picking and placing. Robotic technology is sophisticated enough to identify randomly placed objects as they come down a conveyor belt and then align them in the desired location.
  • Boxing. Depanned and denested products must be prepared for shipment. In these applications, robotic arms carefully ensure no damage occurs, even when working with fragile items. 

Packaging Robots at Jennerjahn Machine

At Jennerjahn, we offer various types of packing robots that can be integrated into your robotic packaging and palletizing operations. These include:

  • FANUC Robots. Our primary offering for packaging operations is FANUC robots. These robots are capable of performing various packaging tasks with high speeds and accuracy. Our smaller FANUC robots are typically used for core plugging, and our larger FANUC robots are suitable for placing rolls into boxes and then palletizing them. 
  • SCARA Robots. We also offer SCARA robots that can be used in conjunction with our FANUC robots to further enhance your robotic packaging operations. These robots are much smaller and can be used to automatically insert a label or RFID label into cores for identification purposes.

How Do Robotic Palletizers Work?

In automated packing environments, products that need to be palletized are placed on an infeed conveyor system that then feeds the products into a robotic cell. The palletizing robot or an automated pallet dispenser will place the pallet into the loading area. The robot will then pick up one or multiple items at a time and accurately place them on the pallet. 

Benefits of Robotic Packaging and Palletizing

Adopting automated packaging and palletizing solutions comes with numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility. Robotics allow a line operator or machinist to quickly and effortlessly change the outline for a case or pallet. Tasks that would be time-consuming to perform manually can be accomplished with the click of a button. 
  • Accuracy. Pick-and-place robots are equipped with slim arms, an expansive reach, and work well with products of diverse sizes and weights. They are built with repeatability in mind and feature precise tooling for ultimate accuracy. Because robots move with precision, the likelihood of scratching or damaging products is minimized. Even heavy or oddly shaped items are handled precisely and safely. 
  • Efficiency. Robotic packaging machines improve product quality as well as cycle time. Their movements are standardized, ensuring operations become seamless without slowing down or making mistakes. Packaging robots increase system reliability and overall throughput.

Automated Packaging at Jennerjahn Machine

Jennerjahn Machine integrates and designs automated packaging solutions that include robotic packaging and palletizing. We are an authorized integrator for FANUC robots. As a global leader in the converting industry with over 40 years of experience, we offer turnkey robotic solutions that feature special tooling, core plugging, material handling, and palletizing. To learn more about automated packaging solutions from Jennerjahn Machine, contact us or request a quote today.