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Coreless Winding Machines

Historically, rolled products like manufactured rolls of thermal paper and POS rolls contained a plastic or cardboard core at the center of the roll to facilitate the winding of the product. Once the roll is used up, the inner core is thrown away.
However, the demand for coreless rolls is rising as business owners who use POS rolls or other product rolls aim to implement more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective practices. Coreless winding machines utilize an efficient new technology that offers a range of benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike.

What are Coreless Rolls?

Coreless Large Slitter for 73” Products - CJLS 73 Pneumatic shaftWith the help of JennerJahn Machine’s patented coreless POS roll rewinding technology, coreless winding machines do not require an inner core to produce POS receipt rolls, as well as other products, such as Kraft, void fill, floor underlayment, and more.

Coreless rolls offer many benefits in production and use, including:

  • Faster, easier replacement
  • Eliminating unnecessary waste
  • Reducing costs by simplifying production
  • Saving space during transportation
  • Increasing the amount of product per roll

How Do Coreless Winders Work?

Advantages of coreless winding machines infographic
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There are a series of steps within the winding process. But, with a coreless winding machine, the steps are automated and easily carried out.

  • The shafts are automatically placed in the rewind station by a shaft handler. The rewind chucks are engaged, securing the shaft as the winding cycle commences.
  • The tails of the paper are automatically cut after the product is completely wound. The rolls are then transferred to the sealing station where the cut ends are sealed with glue or an adhesive tab.
  • When the gluing process is complete, the rolls move to the stripping station where the shaft is held firmly in place and a stripping plate and shuttle strip the rolls off of the shafts.

Coreless Winders from Jennerjahn

The coreless roll manufacturing process can be configured with one of Jennerjahn’s coreless winding machines depending on manufacturing needs. Our winding machines include:

CJJF: Coreless Fully-Automatic Surface Rewinder

The features and benefits of the CJJF coreless winding machine make for a more efficient manufacturing process as well as add value to the product. Some features include:

  • Top-of-the-line, precision-ground solid shafts remove quality issues caused by cores
  • Automatic shaft handlers move and position shafts from the shipping station to the winding station
  • Automatically moves from one cycle to the next
  • Eliminates consumer waste

The benefits that this machine provides to the quality of the POS product include:

  • Tightly wound rolls
  • The end product can withstand shipping rigors
  • Coreless rolls will not be misshaped into egg or oval shapes

CJLS 73 Pneumatic Shaft: Coreless Large Slitter for 73″ Products

The CJLS coreless slitter machine has all the features and benefits of the JLS, except that it employs a pneumatically expandable rewind shaft system to wind coreless rolls with larger voids or a higher coefficient of friction. This machine can be used for converting the following products:

  • Flooring protection
  • Red rosin
  • Fiber-reinforced box tape
  • Counter rolls

CJLS 73 Solid Shaft: Coreless Large Slitter for 73″ Products

The CJLS 73 Solid Shaft slitter machine is ideal for winding butcher, Kraft, Red Rosin, freezer wrap, and other similar products. Utilizing our coreless winding technology, the CJLS 73 Solid Shaft winding machine winds the materials using elevated pressure to prevent roll deformation common from other coreless winding manufacturers.

This fully automated winding machine features three rewind shafts that are contained during the winding cycle using a chucking method. Once a roll has been wound, the shaft is transferred to the sealing station as more material is wound on the first shaft. The shaft handler removes the third shaft from the stripping station and begins the cycle again, placing the empty shaft back in the starting position. Customers with an existing JLS model manufactured in 2001 or later can retrofit this technology to the existing machine.

Request a Quote from Jennerjahn Machine

For manufacturers of rolled products, coreless winding machines provided added product value by increasing product on the roll, eliminating waste, and reducing transportation costs. Reach out to a representative for a quote or contact us to learn more about coreless winding machines today.