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Cored Surface Slitter Rewinders

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Optimize and streamline your converting operations with Jennerjahn’s cutting-edge cored surface slitter rewinders, designed to provide varying levels of automation for your converting needs. Our expert engineers developed these slitter rewinder machines to handle various materials, ensuring all industry requirements and specifications meet the highest standards.

Cored Surface Slitter Rewinders by Jennerjahn Machine

We have six different types of slitter rewinder machine options with Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic automation levels. Each has unique features, making them the perfect choice for any converting operation.

Our slitter rewinders provide precise and accurate cutting, fast set-up times, and high speeds, ensuring your converting functions remain stable and productive. Below is a list of our Cored Surface Slitter Rewinder Machines.

JLS 73 & 84

The JLS model is a standard slitter rewinder machine equipped with two-bed rollers and a top rider roller, which applies torque and regulated down pressure for accurate control tension. It also employs sophisticated shaftless rewind technology throughout the winding cycle.

These are specially designed for high-volume applications with cores ranging from 1.18 to 3.50 inches. It’s fully automated and can handle a wide range of 73″ and 84″ roll products, such as the following:

  • Roofing materials
  • Masking
  • Counter
  • Doctor exam
  • House wrap
  • Kraft paper
  • Plotter
  • Newsprint

JLS 120

The JLS 120 model works with the same principle as the standard JLS model, but it’s designed to be more durable with a robust steel frame and bedrollers. Its cores range from 1.50 to 3.50 inches in diameter. These have larger motors and drives for more precise control tension of web tension for roll products up to 120 inches wide.

JLS 135 & 150

A more powerful machine than the JLS 120 model, these fully automated cored surface slitter rewinders are manufactured to accommodate master roll products that are 135 to 165-inch-wide. It can effortlessly convert construction materials and industrial fabrics from standard materials.

They also work with the same principle as JLS 120. However, they have stronger steel frames, bed rollers, motors, and drives to support control tension for roll products up to 165 inches wide.


JJS is a semi-automatic slitter rewinder where the operator manually loads cores on the mandrel and puts it on a magazine in front of the winding station. Up to six mandrels can be placed on the magazine. The rest of the operation is achieved automatically.

What the JJS model can automatically do:

  • Tucked roll starts
  • Tail sealing with adhesive
  • Tail cuts
  • Roll kick-out
  • Mandrel cap removal


The most basic of all levels of automation is JJM. It’s an introductory converting machine for startups requiring low-volume productions. The winding procedure is manual; thus, operators must be hands-on. However, add-ons like tail cut and glue systems are available for more straightforward operation.


DJJF is a dual, fully automatic surface rewinder, equivalent to two JJF rewinders combined in a single machine. Both machines function in fully automated mode, doubling production without operator intervention. It’s ideal for converters who want to maximize their production space while cutting labor costs.

Fulfill Your Converting Needs with High-Performance Slitter Rewinder Machines

Jennerjahn Machine is a reputable source of automated packaging and converting solutions, simplifying your operations for a more efficient workflow. We offer high-quality, automated slitter rewinders to optimize your converting process.

Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about our cored surface slitter rewinders. Request a quote, and we’ll develop a solution tailored to your needs.

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