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Polyurethane Roll Covering Services

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Jennerjahn Machine delivers polyurethane roll covering restoration services in-house to converters using machinery from Jennerjahn and other vendors. We supply slitter rewinders to converters worldwide. Our slitter rewinders feature seal bed rollers, top rider rollers, and bed rollers with a polyurethane covering.

Polyurethane rollers require recovering services at different rates, depending on the slitter rewinder’s run time, maintenance schedule, and the material you are working with, making recovering intervals difficult to predict. When your roller covers are damaged by grooves, cracks, and normal wear and tear, the finished rolls’ quality can be significantly impacted.

Jennerjahn Machine can restore these rollers when normal wear and tear and imperfections begin to lower the quality of your finished rolls. If you already have spare rollers in your facility, you can minimize downtime and continue production while your worn rollers are being reconditioned. Cycling between two sets of rollers will ensure you always have good-quality rollers.

Polyurethane Roll Covering Process

Rollers are made up of three main parts, the polyurethane covering, roller core, and roller core shaft. A polyurethane roller offers better performance than a metal roller without a covering by offering a surface less likely to be impeded by scratches or deformation and conveys materials easier with a greater coefficient of friction. Polyurethane coverings also reduce the risk of oxidation and corrosion when exposed to chemicals and can be cost-effectively replaced compared to metal rollers.

Jennerjahn Machine relies on a proven process to recover rolls. We strip the existing covering from the roller to reveal the roller core shaft. We clean, inspect, and repair the journals and metal roller when necessary to ensure the new polyurethane roll covering adheres to the roller without defects. We place the prepared shaft in a mold and pour a two-part liquid polyurethane mixture formulated to a specific ratio for your specified durometer into the mold. The mixture is cured in the mold for 12 to 16 hours at a controlled temperature. The roller is removed from the mold and left to cool. We use a precision grinder to achieve the specified diameter and any surface finishes requested, such as grooving, smooth, or rough surfaces. The final product is inspected before we return it to the client.

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Polyurethane Roll Benefits

At Jennerjahn Machine, our high-quality polyurethane roll coverings offer the following benefits:

  • Chemical resistance: Polyurethane is resistant to acids, solvents, and oils, allowing for performance in numerous applications.
  • Abrasion resistance: Our polyurethane roll coverings reduce downtime by withstanding cuts, tears, wear, and abrasion.
  • High coefficient of friction: Polyurethane has a higher coefficient of friction than materials like steel, providing improved material conveying.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Polyurethane roll coverings are more cost-effective and easier to replace than metal rollers.
  • Enhanced working life: Polyurethane roll coverings offer a longer lifespan than other materials by reducing abrasion, scratches, and wear.

Polyurethane Roll Covering Services by Jennerjahn Machine

Jennerjahn Machine can replace roller coverings with quality polyurethane coverings to improve longevity and performance. Polyurethane rollers are more cost-effective and simpler to replace than the entire metal roller so manufacturers can continue production with less downtime. Jennerjahn Machine has been manufacturing high-speed, fully-automatic slitting and rewinding equipment for the converting industry since 1979. We have become a worldwide leader with machine installations in North America, South America, and various other countries and territories. Contact us to speak with a representative at Jennerjahn Machine’s parts and service department 765-998-2733 or request a quote to learn more about our capabilities and solutions.