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Manual Labor vs JCP

5 employees pack finished rolls from a DJJF into boxes vs. 1 employee setting filled cases onto a pallet utilizing the DJJF, Dual Jennerjahn Fully Automated Slitter/Rewinder, RPL, Roll Processing Line and JCP Case Packer.

DJJF & JCP 230 ft Rolls

The Dual Jennerjahn Fully Automatic Slitter/Rewinder, DJJF, Roll Processing Line, RPL and Jennerjahn Case Packer, JCP convert 230 ft. cash register rolls and pack 50 finished rolls into a box!

Web Sensitive Packaging Line

Jennerjahn Machine designed an automated line to package rolls of sensitive film which were highly susceptible to surface defects. From the center winder, finished rolls are transferred to an off-loader shaft and passed through a sleeve wrapper.