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Robotic Core/Pad Plugging Systems

Automatic core/pad plugging is achieved through integrated robotics technology.

Jennerjahn Automatic Core Plugging System

This system automatically inserts a core plug into both ends of the core simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Types of Slitter Rewinders at Jennerjahn Machine

Jennerjahn provides a range of slitter rewinder machines for many different purposes. This video covers the types of slitter rewinders available at Jennerjahn Machine.

Learn more.

Coreless POS Roll Manufacturers

This video covers the Coreless POS roll manufacturers who use coreless slitters like those provided at Jennerjahn Machine. Learn more here.

JLS 120 Slitter Rewinder

The target market for the JLS 120 includes house wrap, roofing and floor underlayment for the construction industry and a variety of industrial fabrics.

CJJF Patented Coreless POS Roll Slitter Rewinder

Advantages of coreless rolls include; the elimination of core costs, inventory space and environmental issues with core waste.

The Next Generation POS Roll is Here

Introducing the Jennerjahn Machine, Inc. patented coreless POS roll and Jennerjahn patented coreless roll slitter rewinder.

CJLS 1.25″ OD Solid Shafts 3 Products

For companies converting Kraft, Butcher, Freezer Wrap, Red Rosin and similar roll products, the CJLS coreless solid shaft large roll surface rewinder is a game changer in the industry.

JCP Case Packer

The JCP Case Packer is ideal for packaging POS, cash register rolls, ATM rolls, lottery tickets and much more.