JJS Slitter Rewinder

The JJS model is the ideal slitter rewinder for a variety of products including single and multi-ply cash register, ATM, lottery and similar rolls.  With the addition of various material-specific options, the machine can be easily adapted to run a wide range of other products. 

Jennerjahn's use of simple and efficient designs has reduced the operator's involvement to loading cored mandrels into a staging area.  The machine sets the production pace by automatically loading the cored mandrels, wrapping the material around the core, winding to the desired length (or diameter), sealing the tails of the finished rolls, and presenting the finished product to the operator on a packing table.

The JJS semi-automatic slitter rewinder consistently produces quality product at quicker rates than any existing manufacturer’s semi-automatic machine.  Once the machine is set up, the operator’s responsibility is reduced to keeping the cored mandrels in the autoloader, and the unwind stand(s) loaded with product.

This machine’s design offers converters excellent flexibility.  The machine is available in several different web widths and can produce finished roll diameters up to 12 inches.  It will process a variety of core diameters and widths and is capable of producing single, two and three-ply products.

The JJS was designed so that a simple retrofit can transform the machine into a JJF fully automatic machine.  This allows the customer to easily ready themselves for increased orders without abandoning their initial investment.

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