• Boxes and/or cases come in many shapes, sizes and styles.  Jennerjahn Machine has created automated solutions for a variety of box forming requirements.
  • Jennerjahn Machine utilizes a combination of components including a hopper, elevator, bowl feeder and nest to store and orient plugs for insertion into the rolls.  Automatic core plugging is achieved through integrated robotics technology.
  • The FB550 is a high-volume sleeve wrapper and heat tunnel system that provides rapid packaging of POS and similar rolls.  The system is designed to process from 1 to 25 rolls per pack.  A pack can be arranged with 1 to 5 rows and up to 5 rolls per row.  The system mates easily with the P&S RPL and can be arranged to suit nearly any plant layout.
  • An in-line thermal imaging system can be easily integrated into a converting line prior to packaging.  As a set of finished thermal rolls passes under the unit, heat is used to image the outer wrap of the roll with no danger of penetrating additional layers.
  • The Jennerjahn Case Packer is a component of our turn-key solution for small roll production.  The case packer can pack individual rolls or shrink-wrapped roll packs and can be mated to the end of an RPL or FB550 sleeve wrapper.
  • Robotics is one of the most flexible and cost effective packaging solutions for today's competitive market.  State-of-the-art precision, reduced work related injuries, and a high return on investment make robotic packaging systems an increasing choice for solving the challenge of processing finished goods efficiently.
  • Jennerjahn Machine offers a variety of product labeling and printing options for the core, finished roll or box being packaged.
  • Radio Frequency Identification, commonly known as RFID, is available in label form and can be automatically inserted into the ID of a core to ensure traceability of the roll throughout the packaging line.
  • Because of the high volume of rolls produced on Jennerjahn’s rewinders, a roll processing line is offered to minimize downstream labor requirements.  The core tolerances available through modern core production result in core offset in typical rewind applications.
  • The function of the SBMC fully automated flow pack machine is to bag paper rolls individually utilizing a tube of PE-film, formed from a flat-film roll. All sides of the bag are sealed.  Rolls advance through the bagger where a film tube is formed when the roll is transferred through the inner tube of the forming collar.