Rewinder - How a Rewinder works

When people are talking about a rewinder, depending on what industry the rewinder is being used for, it could mean two totally different things.

In the paper converting industry, the word rewinder refers to a machine that rewinds the end-product. To better understand this, let’s break this down further. Before a product “rewinds” it has to unwind first.

rewinder schematic

A large master roll of raw product is loaded onto an unwind stand. This is also referred to as a back stand. When the master roll is unwound, it is usually webbed through a slitter / rewinder machine. The word slitter refers to the section of the machine that slits the product into multiple strips. The second part of the slitter / rewinder machine is how the slit product is rewound onto smaller cores to the desired footage or diameter.

Most slitter / rewinder machines are versatile, and offer a variety of options and levels of automation.

Depending on who you talk to in the paper converting industry, they may refer to a slitter / rewinder as only a slitter, only a rewinder or sometimes just a winder. All of these references are correct, but their meanings could be interpreted differently if used by itself in a sentence. Hopefully breaking down the words has helped you better understand what a rewinder is.

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